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We are proud to work with more than 300 companies leading the way to AI-enabled everything. Here are some of their stories.

GE Aviation: From Data Silos to Self-Service

GE Aviation has implemented their own version of a self-service system that serves their specific needs and requirements and that allow them to use real-time data at scale to make better and faster decisions throughout the organization.

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How DAZN Scaled a Small Data Team using Machine Learning

See how DAZN leveraged Dataiku to enable non-technical staff to perform advanced customer segmentation, content attribution, and churn prediction.

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How OVH Uses Automated Dashboards in Customer Analysis

Take a closer look at how one company scaled up its data visualization efforts to slash data preparation time and efficiently disseminate data to teams across the enterprise.

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Marlette Funding, Best Egg Loans: Fraud Detection with ML

Marlette Funding, Best Egg Loans were able to improve their fraud detection capacities by 10 percent by switching to a machine learning based model.

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