Download Dataiku and get started on Linux right away.

1. Download DSS


Or, use this direct link.
DSS works on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RHEL and Amazon Linux. For version details, please see our Requirements page.

2. Unpack

Unpack the downloaded archive where you want to install DSS.
You must keep the directory even after installation is complete.

tar xzf dataiku-dss-12.6.2.tar.gz

3. Install

Launch the installation script. You need to choose:

  • A directory where Dataiku DSS will store configuration and data.
  • A base TCP port.
dataiku-dss-12.6.2/ -d DATA_DIR -p 11000

4. Start

DATA_DIR/bin/dss start

5. Enter the studio

Browse to http://<your server address>:11000.
Only Chrome and Firefox are supported.
For additional information, or any issue, please see our Learn section.

The Dataiku Reference Documentation

Installing and configuring Dataiku DSS in your environment, using the tool through the browser interface, driving it through the API, and more.

Read the Documentation