Auf Google installieren

Dataiku provides a pre-built image to run DSS on Google Cloud. You will need an Google Cloud account and access to Compute Engine service to proceed.

1. Start the instance

  • Open the Dataiku DSS page on Google Cloud marketplace
  • Click „Launch on compute engine“. You will be invited to select the google projects you want to use.
  • Select one and click on Open
  • Enter a name for your Virtual machine in the „Deployment name“ section and select your region (if not the default) and disk size (at least 50 GB)
  • Make sure you have firewall rules to access the application
  • A machine with 2 vCPUs, 16 GB RAM should be enough for a first test.
  • Review the form and then click on Deploy.
    (You may have one warning about the disk size being greater but it’s expected)

2. Connect to DSS

Once deployed,in the Dataiku-Dss-Design section you might see a an address , a login and a password. They are dedicated to the initial authentication on the web UI

Click on the link in the Site address section.

Note that only Chrome and Firefox are supported.

For additional information, technical details, howtos, or any issue, please see:

The Dataiku Reference Documentation

Installing and configuring Dataiku DSS in your environment, using the tool through the browser interface, driving it through the API, and more.

Read the Documentation