Auf Azure installieren

Dataiku provides a pre-built image to run DSS on the Microsoft Azure cloud. You will need an Azure account to proceed.

1. Start the instance

  • Open the Dataiku DSS page on Azure marketplace.
  • Click „Create Virtual Machine“. You are redirected to your Azure portal.
  • Click on Create
  • Enter a name for your Virtual machine and select your user name and password (do not use „dataiku“ as user name)
  • Enter a new Resource group name
  • D2 machine (2 vCPUs, 7 GB RAM) should be enough for a first test.
  • Leave other parameters as they are for now
  • Finish the form until you reach the Buy step

2. Connect to DSS

Wait a few minutes for the instance to start

Browse to http(s)://INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS/ where INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS is the instance public IP address (available in the details of your virtual machine)

Note that only Chrome and Firefox are supported.

For additional information, technical details, howtos, or any issue, please see:

The Dataiku Reference Documentation

Where you'll find information on the details of installing and configuring Dataiku DSS in your environment, using the tool through the browser interface, and driving it through the API.

Read the documentation