Tableau: Power Visualizations with Dataiku + Tableau

Dataiku and Tableau share a vision for the future where people across the enterprise - no matter what their role - can easily use data to share insights.

AI will gain ground in the enterprise thanks to the democratization of data use outside of so-called “traditional” data-centric roles (like analyst, data scientist, or engineer). More people from more diverse areas across the company interacting with data puts good data visualization at the forefront of change.

Visualizing the Future

Dataiku and Tableau share this vision for the future where people across the enterprise – no matter what their role – can easily use data to share insights. Centralized, controlled, and governable, Dataiku facilitates and accelerates data access, data processing, and the design and deployment of machine learning models in production. To complete the picture and bring this data to life, Tableau provides the ability to surface and see insights at the speed of thought. Together, Dataiku and Tableau power the complete data lifecycle: from raw data to insights to sharing data stories across the business.

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Better Together

By using Tableau and Dataiku together, users will benefit from the best of both worlds:

  • See, analyze and predict data at the speed of thought.
  • Access, prepare, enrich, and consume data of any size or shape (code-free or with a preferred programming language) over your compute engine of choice.
  • Augment raw data using machine learning to uncover hidden patterns and surface new insights.
  • Ensure analytics best practices reuse and collaboration between teams and individuals of various skillset, allowing more people to see the benefit of machine learning and AI.
  • Enforce better governance, security, and compliance with platforms built to address the needs of thousands of users.
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Dataiku + Tableau

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Dataiku can export datasets (raw data, prepared data, machine learning model insights, etc.) to Tableau through a custom Plugin, available on the public Dataiku Plugin store:

Dataiku can export datasets


Happy Dataiku + Tableau Customers

Happy Dataiku + Tableau Customers

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