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Our team is our most treasured asset. No matter what way you choose to look at it, there would be no Dataiku if it weren’t for the great people who work for Dataiku.

John Posada

Partner Solution Architect

Nicolas Servel

Engineering Manager

Dimitri Labouesse

Senior Solution Engineer

Lamberto Esparza

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Cécile Tylka

Legal Counsel

Sonia Chabbi

Chief Happiness Officer

Romeo Stoica

EMEA Partner Solution Architect

Sarah Histane

Senior Business Development Representative

Marshall Hunger

Business Development Manager

Nicholas Eng

Sales Engineer

Jaeha Woo

Senior Sales Engineer

Daria Lusevich

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Oscar Hammond

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Luke Campion

Strategic Account Associate

Triveni Gandhi

Responsible AI Lead


Cloud Architect

Arthur Jourdan

Account Executive

Salome Sebag

Global Finance Manager

Zarie Rahman

Account Executive

Lynn Heidmann

Marketing Content Senior Director

Aurélien Coquard

VP Engineering

Casandra Rotunno

Marketing Manager

Adrian Laus

Senior Data Specialist

Cam Schriefer

Strategic Account Executive

Taylor Mecham

Demand Generation and Digital Marketing Director

Michael Doane

Partnerships Manager, Americas - East

Frank Kronenberger

Business System Administrator

Mong-Tuyet Nguyen

Business Operations Team Lead

Samuel Ronsin

Senior Software Engineer

Dan Darnell

VP Product Marketing

Reda Affane

Principal Data Scientist

Jagroop Gill

Director Customer Success

Alexandre Bourret

Software Engineer

Mickaël Hoarau

Engineering Manager

Thibaud Baas

SRE Team Lead

Marissa Sterzick

Total Rewards Associate

Charles Robinett

Account Executive

Florence Sauvage

Happiness Manager

Philipp Schützbach

Senior Sales Engineer

Suvir Rao

Partner Manager - Middle East

Bobby Parikh

Enterprise Account Executive

Georgia Kouyialis

Senior Data Scientist

Snigdha Nigam

Content Strategist, Solutions

Dany Richet

Data Scientist

Adrien Perrigault

Director of Customer Success, Strategic Accounts

Patrick Masi-Phelps

Senior Partner Sales Engineer

Valentina Peña-Vivas

Data Scientist

Madeleine Souare Golitin

Happiness Manager Junior UK/NE

Chris Irish

Enterprise Account Executive

Nicolas Pommier

Account Executive

Delphine Pleno

Payroll and Administration Manager EMEA

George Binsted

Senior Legal Counsel & Programs Manager

Ludovic Penet

Engineering Manager

Nikita Bhalotia

Account Executive

Nour Abdelaziz

Business Development Representative

Florent Brunet-Buschiazzo

Business Development Representative

Doug Platcha

Enterprise Account Executive

Shauna Gonzalez

Instructional Designer

Vadim Gekhman

Technical Account Manager

Serena Yuen

Senior Sales Engineer