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EGG: The Human-Centered AI Conference

EGG Conferences worldwide put the spotlight on real-world use cases and hot topics like machine learning interpretability, bias, and fairness from the humans at top companies who are making AI happen.

Machine learning and AI aren’t just about technology it’s people that make the difference in developing AI systems that are cutting-edge, but also responsible and sustainable. That’s why we created EGG as a way to bring data professionals together to talk about real-life data science, machine learning, and AI use cases, with an overarching focus on how to smartly scale.


Since 2017, EGG has attracted more than 5,000 data leaders at the world’s first conference focused not just on what AI can do, but practically, how companies can get there. EGG speakers are hand selected because they have been through the organizational and technical change associated with AI transformation before and want to share their insights and learnings with their peers.

And speaking of transformation, E-G-G isn’t a fancy acronym. An egg is something full of life and potential that represents birth (or rebirth) and change. At the end of the day, doing AI for real will be a process, and it won’t happen overnight — it will take fundamental and radical organizational metamorphosis. So that’s why: EGG.

EGG On Air

We are launching EGG On Air, a new series of live online and on-demand events, as we continue on our mission of informing, inspiring, and connecting people globally with the latest from AI influencers and thought leaders.

  • Watch live as AI influencers, tech experts, business leaders, and more share their vision on topics such as responsible AI and company transformation in the age of data.
  • Access exclusive on-demand content from industry leaders.
  • Gain access to hundreds of keynotes, presentations, and sessions from details on data architecture and preparation to inspiring talks on organizational change.

With EGG On Air, we continue on our mission to bring together the AI community with opportunities to collaborate with experts, thought leaders, and practitioners online, no matter what your location globally. Stay tuned!

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EGG On Air Is Coming Soon!

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EGG 2019

The 2019 editions of EGG took place in Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Stuttgart and covered a wide range of topics in a variety of formats — from technical workshops to in-depth presentations.

Catch top talks from London and New York City from WIRED, Morgan Stanley, Rabobank, Hinge, Mercedes-Benz, UBS, and Aviva:

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EGG 2018

Catch top talks of the 2018 editions of EGG in London, New York, and Paris, featuring speakers from Dun & Bradstreet, Snowflake, GIPHY, and more.

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EGG 2017

The groundwork for EGG was laid in New York City in November 2017. Dataiku gathered more than 150 data leaders for a day-long exploration of what it takes to transform organizations around analytics so they can move faster at scale for the long term. 

Speakers from across industries (like Goldman Sachs, Kickstarter, BCG Gamma, Spotify, The Muse, Microsoft, Slack, Pfizer, and more) dove into real-life, practical use cases. The day was such a success that it spurred the event’s expansion to even more locations for the 2018 editions.

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