Highlighting the AI in Retail: Building a Brilliant Shoe Discovery System

In this EGG talk, Antonis Argyros shares how SafeSize built and implemented a brilliant shoe discovery solution for omnichannel retail, as well as the main challenges, solutions and best practices for AI implementation in the retail market today.
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How Machine Learning Helps Levi’s Enhance the E-Commerce Experience

See how Levi’s used Dataiku and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a recommendation system that aligns to a customer journey.

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How OVH Uses Automated Dashboards in Customer Analysis

With Dataiku, OVH scaled up its data visualization efforts to slash data preparation time and efficiently disseminate data to teams across the enterprise.

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Malakoff Humanis: Improving Customer Relations With the Power of NLP

To address their growing challenges in keeping up with customer demands and providing quality customer service, Malakoff Humanis turned to Dataiku’s Deep Belief program and collaborated with Dataiku’s data scientists on two advanced natural language processing (NLP) projects.

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Measuring ROI for AI Efforts

Calculating ROI on AI projects is often critical to secure resources; however, these calculations can also be notoriously challenging due to the complexity of quantification, number of teams and people involved, and often long delay in outcome.

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