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Democratizing Automated Forecasting at Mercedes-Benz

Future outlooks of financial KPIs are key to steer Mercedes-Benz business. After successfully working on more than 25 financial KPI forecasts, Mercedes-Benz packed all their knowledge into a software package. Using Dataiku, they are able to put this package at the fingertips of business users, enabling them to combine their business expertise with state-of-the-art machine learning.
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Planning & Forecasting in the Age of AI

In the age of AI and algorithms, older modeling techniques fail to incorporate the wide variety of data sources needed to produce precise results.

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The Automotive Industry: Driving the Future of AI

Data analytics in the automotive industry can help keep auto organizations competitive by improving processes from research to design to marketing and more.

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AutoML and Augmented Analytics as the Future of AI

Companies who successfully scale AI efforts in the next five years will undoubtedly leverage end-to-end AutoML.

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Predictive Maintenance in Transportation and Manufacturing

Predictive maintenance models can empower organizations to get ahead of system failures to tackle infrastructure repairs on their own terms. With Dataiku, predictive maintenance is even easier.

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