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Amplifon: Using Data Science to Optimize Customer Preferences and Store Performance

Since implementing Dataiku, Amplifon has been able to deploy over 150 data and analytics projects globally. Dataiku enables the hearing health care organization to follow the full lifecycle of their data products and advanced analytics use cases and, notably, has improved project timelines from 12 months down to three months.
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Machine Learning-Based Fraud Detection in Healthcare

Health fraud is estimated to cost $68 billion annually, and it can be effectively tackled with AI.

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Highlighting the AI in Retail: Building a Brilliant Shoe Discovery System

In this EGG talk, Antonis Argyros shares how SafeSize built and implemented a brilliant shoe discovery solution for omnichannel retail, as well as the main challenges, solutions and best practices for AI implementation in the retail market today.

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Operationalizing AI: Out of the Lab and Into Production | Dataiku x GigaOm

Find out why a significant chunk of data science projects never make it out of the lab and actionable ways to overcome this obstacle.

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3 Trends That Prove Everyday AI Is the Future

AI has moved beyond being a flashy, side exploratory topic and is now the scalable, sustainable answer to many high-value business needs across all industries. What is driving this evolution and where will the next waves of value emerge?

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