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AI for Good With Dataiku & The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup’s lead computational modeler shares how he and his team are leveraging Dataiku DSS to conduct operational monitoring and modelling of their plastic cleanup systems, and discusses the use of AI for good.
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Responsible AI for a Sustainable Data Future

Dataiku is the basis of a responsible AI strategy, ensuring that models are accountable, architecture and infrastructure is sustainable, and data processes are governable.

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Ethics, Data Science, and Public Service Media | BBC News

In this EGG talk, Ben Fields, Lead Data Scientist at BBC News, looks at the contributions public service media organizations can play in the emerging understanding of the responsible and ethical practice of data science.

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Private: Governance, Security, and Monitoring

Dataiku makes it easy for administrators to search and organize datasets as well as monitor access and user activity.

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Building an Inclusive AI Strategy for Data Democratization

Dataiku believes that the more people are involved in AI processes, the better the outcome. It is the only platform that brings collaboration at every stage, from ETL to model management.

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