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Marketing Analytics

Advanced Analytics for the Marketing Department

With DSS, make sure your marketers are more efficient at their jobs and are spending marketing budgets intelligently for optimized ROI. Marketers themselves can use DSS to build solutions to problems such as high churn rates, low click rates on push campaigns, lead tracking, smart segmentation, basic data cleaning, and so much more.

With DSS, centralizing and cleaning web logs, customer data, CRM data, and so on to create a holistic view of marketing performance is now available for the marketers themselves, without having to rely on complex IT systems and teams.

User Feedback

“Like all companies, customer loyalty is one of our main focuses. To answer this challenge, a Big Data approach and exploiting DSS’s functionalities has proven successful. We’ve already begun to generalize this approach to our usage data, where quality and precision are essential, and where DSS is perfectly adapted.“

Florian Servaux

Product Manager – Coyote

“Whether you use DSS for basic data management or for advanced predictive analytics, the tool is complete and easy to use. I'm even having our marketing and BI teams try it out. Non-technical teams should be able to value data just as much as the data experts!"

Laurent Kobrin


“DSS has opened the door to new opportunities by giving us the tool we need to easily access, analyze, and use our data in a framework that combines both standard and Big Data architectures."

Régine Buys

BI Manager - Chronopost

“Data Science Studio is a tool for all members of the data team from data engineer to data analyst. With the help of DSS, we have created a structure that allows us to empower teams of analysts. One of our primary goals was that iterations no longer be dependent on technicians. With DSS, we’ve succeeded."

Gaëlle Périat

BI Manager - Blablacar