Provides a dataset to retrieve chat histories from Hipchat chat rooms.

Hipchat is a private group chat for companies. With Hipchat, people communicate by writing in rooms.
Hipchat provides a full API to retrieve the histories of rooms.

This plugin contains a dataset to retrieve the full history of a room, including automatic notifications sent by a host of SaaS products.

Hipchat is often used as the central communication point of your teams. Analyzing the activity of your Hipchat rooms provides you with deep insights about the activity of your R&D teams, or your Sales team, combined with CRM analytics. You can also even create a model to predict who says what!

Plugin Information

Version 0.0.1
Author Dataiku (Clément Stenac)
Released 2015/11/12
Last updated 2015/11/12
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How To Use

You need to install the dependencies of the plugin. Go to the Administration > Plugins page to get the command-line to install dependencies

To use this dataset, you’ll need an API Auth token. You can generate the API Auth Token from your personal account page in Hipchat settings.

The dataset is automatically partitioned by day to enable easy incremental processing. Retrieving data from Hipchat is fairly slow, so we highly recommend that you start by syncing your Hipchat dataset to a regular DSS dataset. Then, perform your analysis on the regular dataset.

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