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Excelion Partners: Becoming a Data-Driven Organization With Dataiku and Excelion

Excelion Partners, a consulting organization with specialists throughout the data science, IoT, and application development system, leverages Dataiku for its end-to-end user experience and collaboration-driven features.

Excelion Partners, founded in 2009 and based in Wisconsin, specializes in building the competency of data science with an emphasis in executing machine learning projects.

When Excelion first evaluated the Dataiku platform in 2019, the team realized that it not only answered the collaboration challenge of data science, but also provided a comprehensive solution that made data projects transparent and seamless — from exploratory analysis to model retraining and deployment. Dataiku and Excelion embody a similar belief that collaboration is at the heart of data science. Today, Excelion is both a partner and user of Dataiku.

Since implementing Dataiku, the team at Excelion has witnessed significant impact of the partnership in two key areas: helping organizations make money and save money with analytics and data science. For example, through its partnership with Dataiku, Excelion has helped manufacturers reduce scrap through descriptive analytics and machine learning (save money). Additionally, Excelion has helped financial companies make decisions based on data, rather than gut instinct, which has decreased customer churn and increased revenue (make money).

Although there have been an increasing number of conversations in recent years around becoming a “data-driven” organization, many companies still struggle to understand what that actually means — and how to get there. With businesses requiring more information and automation to make decisions, leaders are being forced to take a hard look at their analytics capabilities. 

According to Tony Olson, Director of AI Strategy at Excelion Partners, “organizations are quickly understanding that being able to execute AI and data science initiatives requires a shift in thinking. Self-service reporting doesn’t cut it. In order to make better business decisions, you need the capability to execute data science initiatives and have the platform do it transparently, repeatedly, and in an automated fashion.”

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