What's new

Highlights of the 1.x Dataiku DSS releases.
More details in our release notes

Geographic data visualization (BETA) V1.4 - January 2015

Automatically display your geographic data on beautiful maps.

Also includes many new geo-related features.

New visual data transformations V1.4 - January 2015

Do more without code with DSS

  • Group and aggregate rows (in-memory, in-database or on-Hadoop)
  • Split datasets
  • Filter rows

Enhanced enterprise security V1.4 - January 2015

Improved integration with enterprise security architectures

  • Interact with Kerberos-secured Hadoop clusters
  • Connect DSS to your enteprise LDAP directory

Advanced clusters profiling V1.3 - October 2014

New visualizations and insights let your explore the results of your clustering models.

  • View and compare data distributions
  • DSS automatically generates the most prominent facts for each dataset
  • Give labels and descriptions to your clusters

New R support V1.3 - October 2014

Do you use the R langage for your data analytics ? DSS now has advanced R integration

  • Read and write datasets on any storage directly from R
  • R notebook for interactive work

Hadoop File Formats V1.3 - October 2014

DSS now has support for many new Hadoop file formats. Including Pig, Hive, Impala and complex types support

  • Avro
  • Parquet
  • Sequence files
  • RC and ORC files

More flexibility for complex data flows V1.3 - October 2014

  • Preview your jobs and understand how your datasets interact
  • New features for advanced partitioning

And much more in DSS !

Read our release notes and our blog posts for more details.