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Defect Detection: How APM Is Using Dataiku to Bring Workers Home Safe

In this Dataiku Community webinar, see how Atlantic Plant Maintenance use Dataiku to keep their workers safe through defect detection, by joining together data from various sources, and building a machine learning algorithm to predict injuries before they occur.

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How to Make the Right Decision When Buying Data Science Software

As enterprises accelerate their investments in data science capabilities, they often find it extremely challenging to build and manage the rapidly evolving technologies necessary for their teams. Hear from Dataiku's Director of AI Consulting on what he learned, what worked, and what didn't from spending more than $40 million on data science software and how you can inform your decision.

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Using NLP to Find the Internet’s Favorite Recipes

Want to judge whether your recipe will be a hit? Or in general, what user-generated content is likely to lead to high engagement? This Dataiku Community webinar will walk you through the basics of text pre-processing and using NLP to predict which recipes are likely to be highly rated.

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How to Process Tons of Data for Cheap with Spark + Kubernetes

If you like Spark for processing big data and Kubernetes for scaling and managing containers but you haven’t run Spark on Kubernetes yet, this is the webinar for you.

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Data Science For Supply Chain ft. JTI & Microsoft

During this webinar, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) will share insights on how data science improved their company's logistics and stock optimization and how this plays a role in the success of their overall organization. Join this webinar to learn how Dataiku and Microsoft work together to help enterprises transform into data-driven organizations and what is needed to shift the culture into a data gravity culture. 

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Dataiku 7

Learn all the ins and outs of the new features introduced in Dataiku 7, including interactive visual statistics, Git for smoother collaboration, and individual prediction explanations.

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Enterprise AI, from Cost to Revenue Center

Eventually, in order for Enterprise AI strategy to be truly sustainable, one must consider the economics: not just gains, but cost. This session will explain how Dataiku enables every organization to benefit from AI by allowing people within the organization to scale, providing transparency and reproducibility throughout - and across - teams.

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Talking Seriously Powerful Data Analytics ft. GCP

The ability to run on the Google Cloud Platform offers a superior experience to Dataiku users, bringing the ability to create and operationalize AI applications at scale and speed. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Lucio Floretta from GCP, sit down with Thomas Cabrol and Greg Willis of the Dataiku Technology Alliances team to talk about inclusivity, self-service analytics, and elastic AI. 

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AutoML With Dataiku: An End-To-End Demo

If you're looking to leverage AutoML in your enterprise, this webinar will show you how with one tool, you can easily go from raw data to machine learning model in production using Dataiku's visual AutoML features.

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