Optimizing Omnichannel Marketing in Pharma

See how Dataiku can be used in identifying key drivers of adoption for pharmaceuticals, resulting in better targeted marketing campaigns.

GxP Compliance for Pharmaceuticals: A Merck and Dataiku Collaborative Effort

Dataiku has been qualified by Merck's internal audit and review process as supporting GxP compliance, enabling Merck’s use of Dataiku’s collaborative data science platform in production with regulated data.

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Private: Driving Increased Efficiency in Pharmaceuticals

Data science, machine learning, and AI have the capacity to add tremendous value to the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in research and development.

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Pfizer: Leveraging Analytics & AI to Scale Initiatives and Achieve Results

Chris Kakkanatt, Data Science Senior Director at Pfizer, speaks about the techniques and elements employed to scale his data team, including reuse and capitalization, and how they can be applied to enterprises worldwide.

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Private: Leveraging AI-Enabled Marketing Attribution

Marketers can improve holistic attribution metrics by leveraging AI to track consumers at every stage of their journey.

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Morgan Stanley’s Formula for Success: AI + Human Intuition = Differentiated Insights

Instead of simply turning to automation, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Chief Analytics & Data Officer makes the case for augmented decision making.

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