Key Trends to Staffing the AI Enterprise

Uncover six key challenges and trends for staffing the AI enterprise, such as increased specialization of data practitioners and the critical need for upskilling.

DAZN: The Growing Pains, Pitfalls & Future of a Data Science Team in a Hyper-Growth Company

In this talk, Shaun Moate shares how DAZN is tackling the organizational challenges and complexity that comes with scaling a data team in a hyper-growth company, without limiting the individualities and growth of talented data professionals.

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Private: Data & Decision Science to Battle Recruiting Bias | TapRecruit

In this talk, Maryam Jahanshahi presents insights from TapRecruit's research program which integrates recent advances in NLP, data science and decision science to identify robust methods to reduce bias in talent decision-making and attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

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Creating a Collaboration-Driven Data Team With Ubisoft

With Dataiku, Ubisoft upscaled its analytics arm and ultimately made more accurate predictions regarding user behavior and the market as a whole.

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Pfizer: Leveraging Analytics & AI to Scale Initiatives and Achieve Results

Chris Kakkanatt, Data Science Senior Director at Pfizer, speaks about the techniques and elements employed to scale his data team, including reuse and capitalization, and how they can be applied to enterprises worldwide.

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