Introducing the Economics of AI

Discover how organizations can go beyond use case and project-centric thinking to achieve scalable value from their data projects.

Measuring ROI for AI Efforts

Calculating ROI on AI projects is often critical to secure resources; however, these calculations can also be notoriously challenging due to the complexity of quantification, number of teams and people involved, and often long delay in outcome.

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Heetch + Dataiku: Developing an Elastic AI Strategy

Heetch uses Dataiku and Kubernetes to treat large quantities of data while maintaining performance and controlling costs, ensuring a positive return on investment (ROI) and smooth execution on hundreds of data projects conducted throughout the organization.

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Defining a Successful AI Project: A Framework for Choosing the Right Use Case

With dozens of ideas for potential AI use cases but limited time and resources, how can organizations prioritize the right projects, especially in the beginning of their Enterprise AI journey? Learn how to avoid false starts on AI initiatives that are risky or ill-defined, and instead create a blueprint for future success.

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GE Aviation: From Data Silos to Self-Service

GE Aviation's self-service system allows them to use real-time data at scale to make better and faster decisions throughout the organization.

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MandM Direct: Managing Models at Scale with Dataiku + GCP

See how the data science team at MandM Direct operationalizes 10x more models versus a code-only approach.

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