Interactive Document Intelligence With NLP

Use NLP to automatically digitize documents, extract text, and consolidate data into a unified and searchable database and ultimately provide the trends and insights in a purpose-built dashboard for business users.

Private: Bringing Natural Language Processing to the Enterprise

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is all the rage right now. Once a relatively niche topic, in the past few years landmark new models and applications have brought NLP to the center-stage of real-world enterprise data science and AI.

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Accelerate ESG Embedding in Financial Services

Discover how financial organizations can leverage a collaborative data science platform to effectively navigate the challenges associated with ESG embedding and deliver high-value transformation across the financial services value chain.

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Publish and share insights from data projects with other users and business stakeholders with custom dashboards.

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Private: Getting Started With Deep Learning

Deep learning's main advantage is that it can handle massive amounts of data — particularly unstructured — well. Getting started doesn't have to be hard by leveraging publicly available pre-trained deep learning models to begin.

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