Improving Health Care Provider (HCP) Targeting Using Dataiku

See how you can use Dataiku to identify physicians with the highest propensity to prescribe a product using a low-code ML model.

GxP Compliance for Pharmaceuticals: A Merck and Dataiku Collaborative Effort

Dataiku has been qualified by Merck's internal audit and review process as supporting GxP compliance, enabling Merck’s use of Dataiku’s collaborative data science platform in production with regulated data.

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Data quality analysis

Visually assess data health, uncover granular data issues, check for completeness, and more.

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Private: Machine Learning-Based Fraud Detection in Healthcare

Health fraud is estimated to cost $68 billion annually, and it can be effectively tackled with AI.

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Private: Transforming Predictive Maintenance with AI

When it comes to AI + predictive maintenance, manufacturing and many other sectors have a lot to gain. Rather than correcting problems once they occur, predictive maintenance prevents problems from ever happening in the first place.

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Morgan Stanley’s Formula for Success: AI + Human Intuition = Differentiated Insights

Instead of simply turning to automation, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Chief Analytics & Data Officer makes the case for augmented decision making.

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