Coding languages

Dataiku DSS provides a bunch of API and coding environments to access and process the data using your favorite language:

Python logo Python R logo R SQL logo SQL Shell logo Shell
PySpark logo PySpark SparkR logo SparkR Spark SQL logo Spark SQL Scala Spark logo Scala Spark
Hive logo Hive Impala logo Impala Pig logo Pig

Prototyping in notebooks

You can use notebooks to prototype your recipes in Python, R, SQL and Scala. These sandbox environments will help you develop iteratively and quickly. Once your code is ready, just copy it to a recipe in your flow!

Find out how to use Jupyter notebooks in DSS here.

Web applications

If you know how to code you can fully customize your insights by creating custom web apps! Read our tutorial on how to create web apps here, and find out more about web apps in the data visualization portal.

When should you code?

Whether your are a seasoned coder or a new one, visual tools can tremendously accelerate your work. Take a look at what can be done through the visual interface, especially regarding visual machine learning and the visual recipes.

Use cases

Using geospatial data

Work with advanced spatial data in PostgreSQL by using the PostGIS extension.

Deep learning with Theano and Tensorflow

Use Theano and Tensorflow with CUDA in Dataiku DSS.