Get Started

Administration of Dataiku DSS

Setting up Dataiku DSS

Installing Dataiku DSS

Read our requirements page to make sure that your environment is ready, then follow the instructions on this page to install your DSS instance!

Connecting to data

Find out how to connect to all your databases, whether your data lives on a datalake, on a local drive, or in the cloud.

User management & permissions

Dataiku DSS features an advanced permission and user-management system with fine-grained permissions availble. Read our reference documentation to understand those well!

Maintenance of Dataiku DSS

Update an instance

Follow these instructions to upgrade your Dataiku DSS instance to a newer version.

Backup an instance

If you want to save your data, follow the backup procedure. This will enable you to restore your instance later, or somewhere else.

Migrating an instance

If you want to migrate your Dataiku DSS instance, read the reference on migration operations.