Visual recipes

February 01, 2017

This list is an overview of all the visual recipes in Dataiku DSS:

  • Sync recipe icon Sync recipe: Use this recipe to move datasets between different storage databases. An example use would be to move data from the filesystem to a SQL database, which will make it possible to use the SQL in database engines for your next recipes.

  • Prepare recipe icon Prepare recipe: This visual data preparation recipe lets you create data cleansing, normalization and enrichment scripts in an interactive way.

  • Filter recipe icon Sample/Filter recipe: Extract parts of your dataset by filtering on specific values or by selecting a subsample.

  • Group recipe icon Group recipe: This recipe allows you to compute aggregations on any dataset, whether it’s a SQL dataset or not. You choose the keys that will correspond to unique lines in the output dataset, and select how to aggregate the values in all other column for each key combination.

  • Distinct recipe icon Distinct recipe: This recipe allows you to identify distinct rows within a dataset and remove duplicate values. You can optionally choose a subset of columns used to identify distinct values.

  • Window recipe icon Window recipe: Compute sliding aggregations on a dataset where each line corresponds to, for example, a given time. Set up the Window Frame you want to compute by defining how many lines below and after each record you want to use, define what column to order your dataset with, and select aggregations for your features.

  • Join with... recipe icon Join with… recipe: Enrich a dataset with the information from another by joining them together using a common key.

  • Split recipe icon Split recipe: Split datasets in multiple smaller ones by defining some rules or filters.

  • Top N recipe icon Top N recipe: Retrieves the top and/or bottom N rows based upon the selected Sort column. You can optionally retrieve N rows from each group, defined by a selected Grouping column.

  • Sort recipe icon Sort recipe: Sorts a dataset based on values in the selected Sort column.

  • Pivot recipe icon Pivot recipe: Restructures row values into columns.

  • Stack recipe icon Stack recipe: Stack multiple datasets with the same columns into a single one.

  • Push to editable recipe icon Push to editable recipe: This recipe allows you to create small datasets where you can change the value of a cell. This is used to create small tables used for reference, or value mapping.

  • Export to folder recipe icon Export to folder recipe: Allows you to export a dataset to files in a folder.