FAQ: I can't login to DSS

Applies to DSS 2.0 and above | April 20, 2016

Sometimes users are told their login/password is invalid. Here is how to solve this.

I’m using the Online trial

You should have received credentials by email. If your credentials don’t work, see the section below for suggestions.

I’m using the Free Edition

In this case you have two distinct accounts.

I’m faced with this screen

When prompted by the interface on the right, you need to use the account you registered. Use your email address and the password you chose. If you forget it, you can reset the password here.

(This account is used to grant you a license.)

Login screen for account

I’m faced with this screen

This screen prompts you to login to DSS, using your DSS account. By default, the credentials for this account are login: “admin”, password: “admin” (you can change the password in the account settings). You need this account, for instance, each time you clear your cookies, change browser, or restart DSS.

(For the Enterprise Edition of DSS, which allows collaborative features, there are several DSS accounts: one per user.)

If your credentials don't work, see the section below for suggestions.

Login screen for Dataiku DSS

I’m using the Enterprise Edition

Users of the Enterprise Edition have only one account, created by the DSS administrator. She should provide you with a username and password. If your credentials don’t work, see the section below for suggestions.

My credentials don’t work

The most probable cause is that you are trying to use IE or Edge to connect.

These browsers are not supported by DSS; please use Chrome or Firefox. If needed, portable Firefox can be run without installation.

If your credentials still don’t work, other common issues are:

  • The Caps Lock key
  • A change of keyboard layout (e.g. azerty/qwerty),
  • A spurious space at the beginning or end of the login or password (be extra-careful when copy-pasting the password, or try to type it manually).

Resetting a forgotten DSS password

If you have command-line access to the server, for instance through SSH, you can reset Dataiku DSS account passwords with the following commands:

    cd DATA_DIR
    ./bin/dku user-set-password LOGIN PASSWORD

where DATA_DIR is the path to your Dataiku data directory, LOGIN is the username whose password needs to be reset and PASSWORD is the new password.