DSS shortcuts

Applies to DSS 1.0 and above | September 05, 2016

Did you know? DSS has a bunch of shortcuts to make you work faster!

Project navigation

A useful list of keyboard shortcuts can be viewed from Help menu in the nav bar: Navigation bar with Help menu open

Here the complete list of keyboard shortcuts:

List of keyboard shortcuts

As described, you just need to type "g" followed by one the possible values to navigate between the different sections of DSS (usually, we use the first letter of the corresponding section).

Columns navigation

Another useful feature is the ability to quickly search and jump to a specific column in the Dataset view. If you look for a specific column in your dataset, just press "c" and a search box will allow to jump directely to this column:
Dataset with column search bar open

Additional shortcuts

Many other shortcuts exist, see this blog post for more information. We provide a complete list here for reference.

One of our favorite feature here at Dataiku is the navigator. Hit Shift + A on any screen to enter the navigator, and navigate using the arrow keys and spacebar.

In a dataset

Keyboard shortcuts when in a dataset

Additionally, from the charts tab, you can press S H H to make your graph full size!

In a prepare recipe

Keyboard shortcuts when in a Prepare recipe

In the flow

When previewing an item, press spacebar to toggle between Details and Actions tabs.

To quickly find the last item you opened, press Z. As an example, if you’re working on a recipe and want to head back to the flow around that recipe, you can press G F and Z.

From any recipe

Use @ R U N to run the recipe you are editing.

For plugin developers

Reload custom descriptors with @ R C D.