Installing R packages

October 16, 2015

Before installing any R packages, be sure that you have already configured R for use with the DSS. DSS does not embed its own R environment. Instead, it relies on the host R's installation.

Assuming you have sufficient privileges to do so, there are several ways to install new R packages:

  • If you have an SSH access to the server hosting DSS:
    1. Open a new console
    2. Start R:
      mbp:~ thomas$ R
    3. Install your packages (for instance from CRAN):
    4. Exit from R:

  • Using your favorite R client:
    1. Open your favorite R client, for instance RStudio
    2. You can either use:
      • A built-in package manager: RStudio package manager
      • A R script: R script for installing packages

  • Using a R Notebook
    1. Create a R Notebook on your DSS instance
    2. install.packages(
        repos = '',
        lib = '/path/to/your/writable-directory-for/R-packages'
    3. You can now use your package: