UBS: How to Build a Data Science Service Center of Excellence

Nicholas Bignell, Director of Data Science at UBS, shares his real-life insights on how he set out to create a center of excellence that comprises both self-service data preparation and machine learning.

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GE Aviation: From Data Silos to Self-Service

GE Aviation's self-service system allows them to use real-time data at scale to make better and faster decisions throughout the organization.

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Dataiku: For Everyone in the Data-Powered Organization

This video breaks down the features available in Dataiku for each member of the team.

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Running a Successful Data Science POC

Successful data science POC projects should prove the larger value of AI systems, ensuring they're aligned with the company’s longer-term strategic objectives.

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How AI Empowers the Insurance Industry

AI enables insurance providers to reduce risk and streamline workflows, increasing value and improving the customer experience.

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