Tableau Export Plugin v1 - deprecated

Tableau is one of the leading data visualization tools and a Dataiku partner.

This plugin offers the ability to export Dataiku datasets to Tableau:

  • Export a dataset as a TDE file
  • Export a dataset to Tableau Server

Plugin information

Last updated
LicenseApache Software License
Source codeGithub
Reporting issuesGithub
This plugin requires DSS 2.3 or higher

How to use

The plugin requires the Tableau SDK to work. An automatic installation script is provided. When DSS prompts you, click on "Install now". Your server needs Internet access for this automatic installation procedure.
If your server does not have Internet access, please follow the Manual installation procedure

The plugin works through two recipes:

  • Export a dataset to a TDE file in a DSS managed folder
  • Export a dataset to a Tableau Server (still requires a managed folder)

To use the plugin:

  • Go to the Flow
  • Click on the "+ Recipe" button and choose the Export to TDE recipe
  • Enter a name for the output folder in the Flow that will contain your output TDE
  • In the recipe screen, Run the recipe
  • Once the job is complete, open the managed folder from the Flow: find your TDE file here.

Additional instructions are available in our Github repository

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