Freshdeck Plugin

Freshdesk is a hosted support platform. Customers can submit tickets to your helpdesk using multiple support channels. With this tool, your customer support representatives are more productive.

Some well-known challenges of managing a support team include

  • Being able to follow customer support representatives' activity;
  • Predicting your future staffing needs;
  • Identifying the root causes of customer insatisfaction;
  • Providing your Customer Success teams with insights regarging customers who are at high risk of churn.

Thanks to its powerful features for Churn Analytics or other use cases, DSS is the perfect tool to help you measurably improve your customer satisfaction.

This plugin is just the begin of your customer support team's success. Getting your whole support activity into DSS is a literally a matter of minutes.

Screenshot showing a graph analyzing the status of tickets in a Freshdesk account

Analyzing the status of tickets in a Freshdesk account.

Plugin information

Last updated2016-01-26
LicenseApache Software License
Source codeGithub
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More information about the plugin is available in the Github repository

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