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MandM Direct: Powering Customer Predictive Analytics With Dataiku

In this Dataiku Community talk, Ben Powis, Data Science Manager at MandM Direct, presented his Dataiku DSS project to predict the likelihood that a customer will return to a website, and shares churn prediction best practices.
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Start the Enterprise AI Journey with Churn Prediction

Churn prediction is a relatively quick win with machine learning, and its potential value to an organization is staggering.

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How Machine Learning Helps Levi’s Enhance the E-Commerce Experience GERMAN

See how Levi’s used Dataiku and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a recommendation system that aligns to a customer journey.

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Transforming the Customer Experience in Retail With AI

Dataiku allows retailers to massively scale AI efforts by enabling data democratization to execute on use cases like dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, and more.

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AI-Powered Customer Segmentation

With the age of AI, it’s time to rethink segmentation strategies and deliver actionable segmentations in a dynamic fashion.

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