How Machine Learning Helps Levi’s Enhance the E-Commerce Experience GERMAN

Levi’s used Dataiku and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a recommendation system that aligns to a customer journey, such as showing best-selling products in their region to new customers or displaying complementary items to complete an outfit to returning purchasing customers.
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Transforming the Customer Experience in Retail With AI

Dataiku allows retailers to massively scale AI efforts by enabling data democratization to execute on use cases like dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, and more.

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Dataiku für Data Scientists

Bauen Sie Ihr Data-Science- und ML-Wissen aus und verbringen Sie mehr Zeit mit Aufgaben, die Ihr Unternehmen voranbringen.

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Privat: Skalierbare Kollaborations- und Governance-Funktionen

Die Kollaborations-Funktionen von Dataiku erleichtern den Wissensaustausch und die Einarbeitung neuer Mitarbeiter.

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Build a Better Recommendation Engine

Recommendation engines can be used across industries to provide value either to end customers or to employees of the organization itself.

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