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Ethical AI: Inclusivity as a Messy, but Promising Answer

AI technologists must consider the ethical implications of what we’re building. Dataiku's very own Larry Orimoloye explores AI within a broader discussion of the ethics of technology, arguing that inclusivity and collaboration is a necessary answer.
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Responsible AI for a Sustainable Data Future

Dataiku is the basis of a responsible AI strategy, ensuring that models are accountable, architecture and infrastructure is sustainable, and data processes are governable.

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Building an Inclusive AI Strategy for Data Democratization

Dataiku believes that the more people are involved in AI processes, the better the outcome. It is the only platform that brings collaboration at every stage, from ETL to model management.

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Morgan Stanley’s Formula for Success: AI + Human Intuition = Differentiated Insights

In this talk, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Chief Analytics & Data Officer makes a compelling case for extracting the most value out of augmenting decision making rather than simply automating it, relying on human insights and intuition, and fostering a culture of collaboration, introspection, and innovation.

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Data Democratization Through Self-Service Analytics

Data-powered organizations give everyone (whether technical or not) the ability to make decisions based on data via a self-service analytics program.

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