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AI-Driven Services: The Invaluable Enterprise Asset

Creating real value from data means building — and maintaining — a spectrum of AI-driven applications and services that run as a core part of the business.

What Are AI-Driven Services?

Once an organization has the ability to quickly operationalize data projects and moves from a handful to hundreds (or thousands) of machine learning models in production, the question of maintenance and management arise. AI-driven services encompass the organization’s operationalized models plus systems — largely driven by MLOps — ensuring models are well maintained, performing as expected, and not having any adverse effects on the business.

AI-driven services are what turns data from cost center into critical enterprise asset.

Getting there is about going from the ability to operationalize one, two, or tens of machine learning models to hundreds or thousands of models that all work together to build the core business. Practically, that requires the people, processes, and tools that will allow for proper monitoring, management, and adjustment of models in production. 

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Dataiku Enables AI-Driven Services

Dataiku is the platform democratizing access to data and enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI. When it comes to streamlining and automating workflows, Dataiku allows data teams to put the right processes in place to ensure models are properly monitored and easily managed in production, including:

  • Model rollback management
  • Deployment health monitoring
  • Model drift feedback loop
  • Model version management
  • …and more

Combined with robust operationalization features to put models in production quickly, Dataiku is the enabler of AI-driven services in top companies worldwide.

MLOps as a Critical, Emerging Role

As AI initiatives expand, MLOps is cornerstone in ensuring deployed models are well maintained, performing as expected, and not having any adverse effects on the business.

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