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Events| June 29, 2016| Romain

Data lovers, start-up fans, and corporate leaders unite! Join us yet again in Paris for 3 intensive days at Viva Technology (from June 30th to July 2nd). Dataiku has so much new to share with you: the new version of Dataiku DSS 3.0, lot of talks and demos by our brilliant team members, lots of goodies… and more surprises to come!

Because one is the loneliest number, Dataiku will be welcoming you at two booths! Stop by booth J21 at the Serena lounge or by the AXA Village for live demos of Dataiku DSS 3.0.

Setting up data connections in Dataiku DSS

It’s the best opportunity to meet and exchange with Dataikers, and to learn how Dataiku DSS integrates all the capabilities required to build end-to-end services that turn raw data into business impacting predictions quickly.

The Dataiku Schedule

  • On Thursday June 30th, come hear our CEO and co-founder of Dataiku, Florian Douetteau, as he debates how data can lead a digital transformation with Anaplan and McKinsey.

  • On Friday July 1st, Florian Douetteau will be back to explain how insurers can leverage analytics to suceed.

Of course, you can drop by anytime, any day, at our booths to find someone from our team eager to tell you about how companies are currently using Dataiku DSS to create data-driven predictive services to predict churn, to detect fraud, and so on!

If you haven't had enough from us yet, you’re invited to come by to our sweet offices on Thursday evening to celebrate day 1 with our team, and relax around a few beers and pizzas at our free Meetup.

About Viva Technology Paris 2016

Viva Technology’s unique mission is to bring the world’s most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. For three days starting 30 June, an expected 30,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and other investors will join us in a purpose-built environment in Paris. The goal: to provide a real-time platform for collaboration and a high-level stage for discussions around the impact technology has on both businesses and society.

About Dataiku DSS

Get your data to work for you! Find out how Dataiku DSS can help. We will be happy to tell you about the people that are currently using Dataiku DSS to create data-driven and predictive services to power business applications such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, optimized targeting, logistic optimization, churn prediction, and so on.

Last but not least, don't forget to download and try out Dataiku's free edition of Dataiku DSS before the event!

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