Second Dataiku User Group in New York, hosted by the NYC Data Science Academy

Events|Data|Data Science| May 25, 2016| Thomas

We had a great time at our second DUG (Dataiku User Group) in New York on April 21st. The event was hosted by our partners, the NYC Data Science Academy. We really want to thank them again for their hospitality! Click on the video below to replay the whole DUG session and to find out more about how we use Dataiku DSS to compete in Kaggle competitions. Great, isn’t it?

second Dataiku'sDUG in New York hosted by the NYC Data Science Academy

How We Use Dataiku DSS to Compete in Kaggle Competitions

And here's the video:

I want to know about upcoming NYC DUGs!

Awesome! Just go to our NYC DUG Meetup page right here, and register!

See you soon in New York!


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