Using Open Data APIs to Predict NYC 311 Response Rates Using Python in Dataiku DSS

Events|Technology|Data Preparation| May 03, 2016| ThomasT

One of our awesome data scientists, Jed Dougherty, built a project predicting how long it takes NYC Government Information and Services to respond to 311 calls, depending on the neighborhood the call comes from. Find out how he uses open data APIs and Python in Dataiku DSS to do this.

Jed Dougherty, recently wrote an article describing his project predicting 311 calls response rates. You can find it over here.

In this project, he used a combination of open data sources by connecting to them through their APIs:

  • A dataset of 311 calls to NYC departments. This data source is updated by the city daily, so he used partitions in PostgreSQL database combined with Dataiku DSS's scheduling features to update his predictions as the new data came in every day;
  • The US Census API was used to lookup the information about the neighborhood where the calls came from, in order to provide useful context. It was joined to the 311 call data through a Geojoin performed with PostGIS;
  • A weather data API, was used to pull weather data to provide yet more context to the call data. Jed actually built a self-referencing API in Dataiku DSS that always updates fresh data.

Sounds interesting? Find out everything about Jed's project by watching his free training!

It's on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at

  • 1:00 PM US Eastern time
  • 10 AM US Western time
  • 7:00 PM Central European Summer Time

In just 15 minutes, Jed will walk you through his whole workflow. You can see exactly how he uses weather, US census, and 311 call APIs to create a dataset on which he predict how long New York City Government and Information services take to respond to complaints depending on what type of neighborhood the calls where made in. You’ll also get an in-depth look at how Dataiku DSS' scheduling features work efficiently with partitioning options to automate the whole workflow.

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