Discover How to Use Dataiku DSS to Compete (and Win) in Kaggle Competitions! [DUG]

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Join us on April 21st for our 2nd User Group in New York! We're very happy to be hosted by our partners at NYC Data Science Academy for this event.

For this new DUG in NYC we're going to be presenting how we use Dataiku DSS to compete in Kaggle competitions, and even win!

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Dataiku User Group New York

Quick Reminder: How Exactly Do DUGs (or Dataiku User Groups) Work?

Well, it's simple really. Our goal with Data Science Studio is to get people with different backgrounds to work together on data projects, from collecting data, cleaning and enriching, to training models and putting them into production. So that's what our DUGs are all about. They're Hands On. Not just great presentations on all the cool things Dataiku DSS can do, but getting people to get their hands dirty in the Studio and building end-to-end projects, quickly.

What Should You Expect From Dataiku 2nd User Group in NYC?

First of all, we'll have a short talk on our latest Kaggle submission, with a walk through all of the methods we tested and used to get a better score.

Then we'll split up in groups and you can work on the Kaggle in Dataiku DSS yourself; using Python, SQL, R and with the help of visual accelerators!

You don't have to be a data science expert to participate! Even a beginner can build a project in Dataiku DSS (check out this blogpost on the Titanic competition), and learn fast!

You can, of course, expect beer, food, goodies, and a team of awesome data scientists to help you out ;)

If you can't make it this time, be sure to join our Meetup group to be informed of the next DUG, and don't hesitate to get in touch with our New York office to schedule a personalised demo!

Last but not least, don't forget to download and try out Dataiku's free edition of Data Science Studio before the event!

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