Dataiku's First Data Lab Breakfast - How to Build and Develop a Data Structure Inside Your Company

Events| March 10, 2016| Romain

Join Dataiku at its Datalab Breakfast on the 29th of March at its premises, 4-6, boulevard Poissonnière, Paris 75009.

About the Breakfast

As a BI or analytics decision-maker, are you working to develop and deliver a datalab structure within your company?

Join the Dataiku team for breakfast to meet and exchange with Guibert Tchinde, Global Data Acceleration Leader at Pernod Ricard, and Elias Baltassis, Europe Analytics Director at BCG.

Join us at our first Datalab Breakfast!

From set up to upgrade, from resources to goals, you will learn how to empower your teams with a datalab structure to make decisions more efficiently.

This event is the first one of a series of seminars entitled « Datalab Breakfast », that aims at sharing deeper insights and concrete use cases on Datalabs.

If you want to learn more about datalabs, click here.

Date: Tue 29th March 2016

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 pm

Location: Dataiku, 4-6 boulevard Poissonnière, Paris 75009


  • Introduction, Marc Batty, Chief Customer Officer, Dataiku

  • « Best Practices for a Datalab in your company », Elias Baltassis, Europe Analytics Director at BCG

  • « Tracking your Marketing Efforts via your Datalab », Guibert Tchinde, Global Data Acceleration Leader at Pernod Ricard.

  • Q&A

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Whether working alone or collaboratively, analysts can point, click, and build, developers and data scientists can code, and high-level data consumers can visualize. Dataiku DSS integrates standard big data and machine learning technologies that users can transparently appropriate enabling them to quickly design and achieve their business goals.

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