15mn to make your first Churn Prevention Model in DSS [Free Training]

Events|Technology|Data Science|Machine Learning| November 06, 2015| ThomasT

For Dataiku’s 10th Free Training, Hugo le Squeren, Business Engineer & Digital expertise at Dataiku, will teach you how to use CRM data to find out wich customers are likely to churn, and how you can win them back before they are gone in Dataiku’s Data Science Studio.

This Free Training will address basics like reducing customer churn rates for a non-data scientist and using a new DSS plugin to extract your data from a website hosted by OVH.

In 15 minutes, Hugo will explain the specific data cleaning steps needed when dealing with a CRM dataset and how to choose and understand parameters in DSS to create an accurate Churn Prevention model.

Join us on Thursday, November 12th, 2015 at 7:00 PM (Paris), 1:00 PM (New York), and 10 AM (California).

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This Free Training is the tenth of many in which our experts will teach DSS users how to use the all-in-one platform’s functionalities.

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