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Dataiku is a proud sponsor of the "Get Better With Data" Hackathon which seeks to explore the U.S. healthcare system through the lens of data science. The hackathon will kickoff Friday, November the 6th with an introductory speech and orientation session. Then on Saturday, November the 7th, teams will spend the day at Insight Data Science, 45 W 25th St, 9th Fl, New York crafting data insights from dozens of open healthcare datasets using a variety of open-source tools and - of course - Data Science Studio!

Healthcare in USA: High spending, low results

We’ve all heard and read countless times how healthcare spending in the United States compares to other countries (spoiler alert: it’s higher). According to the Huffington Post, “among [this] group of big countries, the U.S. spends far and away more on healthcare than any other. And yet it has among the lowest life expectancies of any developed country”. The chart below drives the point home by showing healthcare expenditure versus life expectancy among OEDC countries.

But where do the inefficiencies lie? Can we uncover area’s for improvement by looking at publically available healthcare datasets in new ways?

Get better with Data Hackhathon

The “Get Better With Data” Hackathon aims to improve the US healthcare system using data science.

Participants will be tasked with cleaning, enriching, and combining healthcare data in order to explore and model pain points in the U.S. healthcare system. If you are in New York this weekend and you want to apply your Data Science skills to a real healthcare problem, consider stopping by.

The hackathon starts with a Kick-off session on Friday, November 6th. On Saturday, November 7th, it’s time to pull up your socks! You will be spending the day trying to solve healthcare issues. The full schedule for the event is available here.

Depending on your skills, you’ll have to choose one of the three available data tracks:

  • Clean the Clutter: People in “Clean the Clutter” will help to get access to the data, from scraping to setting up databases to query from. Their objective will be to unify our sources and build clean datasets for everyone’s use. Outputs from our wranglers will be available for download after the event. We’ll need resourceful people, come join “Clean the Clutter”.

  • Describe the Disorder: A good understanding of our data will be crucial; good descriptive stats are the first and crucial building block in getting to that understanding. The descriptive stats groups will begin their day with some pre-cleaned data

  • Model the Mess: Participants in this track will construct machine learning models to learn more about the relationships underlying healthcare outcomes and price. They'll work on similar problems as the "Clean the Clutter" and "Describe the Disorder" tracks, just from a different perspective using slightly different tools. And that’s really the beauty of it all, people working together towards a common goal using the skills they have. Each track will have 2-3 groups of 4-5 people. Plenty of people to learn from, small enough for each one of you to have an impact.

Each track will have 2-3 groups of 4-5 people. Plenty of people to learn from, small enough for each individual to have an impact.

Dataiku and Healthcare Issues:

The healthcare industry generates huge amounts of data from medical encounters, insurance transactions, and a variety of ancillary business processes that support care delivery in all its forms. Social media & internet data, diagnostic data, claims data, biometric data, genomic data, IoT data are still not being used effectively in combination with each other to improve care delivery.

Healthcare is an information business that needs its data to be cleaned, aggregated and transformed into concrete business solutions for the benefit of those who use it - not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

About Data Science Studio:

Data Science Studio is increasingly used by healthcare providers and administrators to build predictive models that help improve clinical processes and contain costs. You will find below a few examples of how DSS is adding value to a number of stakeholders within the healthcare industry:

Data Science Studio will facilitate collaboration among teams during healthcare hackathon, so don’t hesitate to download the (free) DSS Community Edition right now to familiarize yourself with the future of data science!.

Any questions? Just contact me!

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