Dataiku User Group Paris #7: DSS Hackathon!

Events| October 22, 2015| Alivia

To celebrate the release of our 2.1 version, we've decided to mix things up for our 7th Dataiku User Groups and to invite our beloved users and fans to an evening of code, pizzas and beer with the team!

So everyone who likes to get a little hands-on is invited to come by our offices on Wednesday October 28th to meet the team and work on plugins with our team of superstar developers and data scientists.

What are plugins? Glad you asked. Plugins are a wonderful new feature of DSS 2.1 that allow you to extend the Studio to connect it to any kind of API and share projects, so you can get data from new sources, push predictions to where they're most useful to you, enrich features with any new adon you can imagine, or create custom projects and share them with the Community.

Yep, they're that powerful. So we're going to get together and build some! You'll work on your favorite project in a small group with your favorite rockstar from the Dataiku team.


Our team is working on a bunch of connectors, including LinkedIn, Deezer, Nike+, Pipedrive, Github, Unbounce, Google Sheets or Active Campaign, but we'd love to hear what plugins you want in the Studio! Tweet them @dataiku :)

We hope to see you there to share a special #datadrink!

Hackathon Dataiku
Yep, we'll look just like these guys in Australia..

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