Educational Data Mining & Learning Analytics in NYC

Events| August 24, 2015| ThomasT

Dataiku is honoured to participate at the next New York Education Data Mining &and Learning Analytics Meetup. Join us on Thursday, August 27th at "Grovo, New York", from 6:00 to 8:30 PM (EST).

One of our skilled data scientists, Henri Dwyer, will be speaking in front of many passionate data scientists at the next "Education Data Mining New York Meetup".

This meetup has been organised by Aybuke Gül Turker (Instructional Designer, UX & IA at World Education Services), and will focus on "How to go from Raw Data to Impactful Predictions"

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Here's a summary of the evening’s program:

Henri Dwyer will talk about how data scientists go to the raw data to impactful predictions. He will guide the audience through analyzing real educational data, taken from Ryan Baker's MOOC: Big Data in Education. Ryan Baker was a previous speaker and if you want to have some hands on experience about the data he talked about, this meetup is for you.

The goal of this talk is to show how data scientists go from the data to actually gaining insights and making predictions, and to teach you how to do it.

  • First, Henri Dwyer will lay down the foundations and data science concepts necessary to understand the analysis.

  • Next, he will construct data science workflows using Python and Data Science Studio to analyze data ranging from detecting students that are gaming the system, to identifying sequences of student events and how they affect behavior.

Sign-up quickly! Limited spaces available.

Last but not least, did you know that Dataiku has already signed-up for many events in New York City as well as in other places in the world? You can have a look at out events to check when we could meet each other!


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