DSS Free Training - 15mn to Become a Master Data Blender

Events|Data Science|Data Preparation| June 29, 2015| ThomasT

For Dataiku’s 2nd Free Training, Kenji Lefèvre, product manager at Dataiku, will teach attendees how to enrich and easily merge different datasets with Data Science Studio 2.0!!

Join us on Thursday July 2nd, 2015 at 9 :00 PM (Paris), 1 :00 PM (New York), and 10 AM (California).

In this Free Training, learn how to enrich and merge different datasets and data types in Dataiku’s Data Science Studio.

Kenji Lefèvre will demonstrate how you can use DSS Join Recipes to merge diverse datasets, from the most basic to the highly complex.

This Free Training is the first of many in which our experts will teach DSS users how to use the all-in-one platform’s many different features. During these Free Trainings, meet and exchange with our experts.

To reserve your spot now (or to receive the recording after the event), please click here.

See you soon and stay tuned for upcoming Free Trainings.

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