Dataiku Announces Biwa, DSS Version 1.4

Technology|Corporate| January 26, 2015| Pauline

We are proud to announce the release of Data Science Studio V1.4 code-named Biwa.

In this new version, users will find three major enhancements:

  • Additional availability on Mac OS X, Docker, and Amazon
  • Automatic generation of geographical maps
  • Exportable graphs to Excel

DSS now available for Mac OS X, Docker, and Amazon

Dataiku simplifies the installation process by making DSS available in multiple environments such as Mac OS X, Docker (a platform for distributed applications), and AWS (Amazon’s cloud service).

Automatic generation of geographical maps

With DSS 1.4, it is now possible to automatically visualize geographical data on detailed maps. The possibility to generate maps simplifies data analysis for those who desire to discover data tools by letting them create spatial representations that are as close as possible to business needs.

Data Visualisation: exporting personalized graphs

With Biwa, the user can customize the graph’s color palette. In just a few clicks, if the user wants to make a presentation outside of DSS on a PowerPoint Presentation for example, he or she can export the data in Excel. Users can now easily personalize and create visual representations of their data analysis.

To test DSS for free on Linux, Mac OS X, Docker or AWS, please visit our download page.

Find more information in "What's New" or in our documentation release notes.

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