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Events| November 19, 2014| Pauline

Dataiku is a proud sponsor of PAPIs ’14, the first International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps.

The two-day conference took place in Barcelona on November 17th – 18th, 2014. Its main goal was to connect those who make Predictive APIs with those who use them to make Predictive Apps.

Thanks to practical tutorials illustrated with concrete case studies (Dataiku, BigML, GraphLab…), talks by experts such as Andy Thurai (IBM Program Director for API, IOT, and Connected Cloud) or by Yann Barraud & Christophe Bourguignat (AXA Data Innovation Lab), and an all around well-organised venue, PAPIs' first edition delivered what it had promised. Attendees surely got a full load of presentations on new machine learning APIs, techniques, architectures, and tools to successfully build predictive applications.

A special thank you to PAPIs’ team for organizing this enlightening event.

Here are some pictures of the event and a video of Florian Douetteau's presentation on "Winning the Yandex personalised web search challenge on Kaggle".

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