The Dataiku Academic Program

It’s about time we sat down and told you a little bit about our Academic Program. Why Do We Have An Academic Program? Easy - Our goal at Dataiku is to help people everywhere grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills. An essential way of doing that is to provide free licenses for our software to academics and researchers, as well as for personal learning.

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How Dataiku Integrates With Microsoft Products To Form A Complete Data Platform

Hi, I’m Rob, and I head up Product Marketing here at Dataiku. Today I’d like to talk about a topic relevant to many of you out there: Microsoft products and how Dataiku DSS integrates with them.

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Using Markov Chains with Backoff to Generate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Quotes

Hi, my name is Jean-Yves, and I joined Dataiku as a Data Scientist this past July. With the US election around the corner, I thought it would be both informative and fun to explore a few topics in Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this post, I will go over the workings of a simple text generator and apply it to a bunch of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches that I found on

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